Should I use video on my home page?

Should I use video on my home page?

Should I use video on my home page?


The trend of having a video on your website, just as you land on the first page is becoming very popular. Many companies are re-designing their website to incorporate this new trend. But does this actually increase sales or drive more traffic? This article gives you a glimpse into the reasons why videos are effective and when to use them.


Why online videos are compelling?

Here are 4 reasons why video is effective and persuasive, as discussed by Dr. Susan Weinschenk :


  • There is a special part of our brain (the fusiform face area) that activates when we see faces. This helps us pay attention to faces and processes the emotional information that we can detect on a face (eyes, movement, expression). The videos that use human faces are very good at grabbing our attention.

  • If there is sound, we are drawn by the communication, tone of voice, all of which again conveys rich emotional information. Also, hearing someone’s voice is much more effective than reading a message.

  • Because a video can express emotions, feelings or passions, we are “contaminated” to feel the same emotions expressed in a video, to empathize more with the scenario in the video.

  • Lastly, movement grabs immediate attention. More that any color contrast, big text or static design.


When to use videos

But using videos on your homepage is not always a good idea. You have to ask yourself:

  • Does it serves a specific purpose, without distracting the user from your main call to action? If yes, and your video is the main way to attract your users, go for it. For example, Airbnb does a great job using video, as they are describing thorough the video the experience you might have using their service.

  • Is it relevant to what the website says it does? If you are selling fish and you have a video of happy people eating cherries (silly example), people will have a hard time figuring our what it is. Even if you explain it below the fold (meaning as you first scroll down from the main screen), the first impression is formed in seconds.And it's not that people will learn eventually what your website is about, but they might have a hard time remembering it. So make sure the video is consistent with the message for a bigger impact on first impressions.

  • What type of audience does it serves? Do my users like video (animated or with actors) and will find it appealing or will they be more persuaded by other types of information presentation? Also think about this question: Do the actors reflect your audience, are they in the same demographics as your audience?


Tips and tricks:

  • A never do: auto-play a video with sound.

  • A trick that Facebook is doing to grab attention, regarding video: auto-plays the video without sound so the video immediately catches your attention. There, you’re hooked.

Use video with caution. Just because others are using it - and it looks like a trend - does not necessarily mean it's always good for your online business. Video is a great, fast way of informing people about your service and an attention grabber. Use it well.


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