Designing Confidence
  • Type:
    Workshop facilitation
  • Timeline:
    One day: 27th Octomber, 2018
  • Role:
    Content creation, Workshop facilitation
  • Collaborators:
    Angel Ramboi
  • Link:
    view here


The workshop was part of a design festival (ZAIN festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania), and its aim was to show how we can use design thinking for personal development. Gaining confidence is more than a psychological area of development, and it's important in how to develop this characteristic, because, contrary to popular belief, confidence can be designed into one's life. Confidence is about how you present yourself, how to think creatively, how to use your body posture to show your confidence - all these were transformed into exercises, individual and group ones that the participants used to learn and express their confidence.


Designing Confidence, a free workshop in Romanian, was a vibrant, practical workshop, that was constructed to explore diverse creative strategies to develop self-confidence. In a friendly and informal environment, participants play and experiment with methods to change language, body posture and self-image that help people feel more confident.



  • Interactive content for the workshop, that included individual and creative group exercises.
  • Promotional materials and marketing strategies for the workshop.
  • Facilitation of the workshop.



While the number of participants was higher than the capacity of the room, a fun and exciting atmosphere was created. Participants enjoyed the workshop and experimented with different methods to develop self confidence.